The Interview: Power REIT’s CEO, David Lesser

Power REIT’s CEO, David Lesser

In this interview Mr. Lesser and I discussed a great deal about his company, how he became CEO, and the future of Power REIT.

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A Few Comments Before You Watch:

  • This was my first time interviewing someone
  • I know I needed a better mic… but bear with my terrible audio and video quality
  • I don’t know how to video edit
  • Listen to what he’s saying about the future and the company, more important than video quality
  • It’s 18 minutes. Get some popcorn. Invite your wife over. Tell your in-laws to leave the room. Don’t let your daughter or son see me looking fly in a button up. It’s show time!

David Lesser Interview

I’ll keep this brief since that was a long video


  • 2:00 minutes: Lesser discusses PW’s early days and how he became CEO
  • 6:45 min: Lesser discusses forward run rate per share (“Over $2.00 per share”) and how he plans to raise capital for future acquisitions
  • 8:30 min: Discussion over the risks of underlying tenants and how he vets tenants and their operations
  • 13:45 min: “Perfect Quarter 1, 2021” Discussion
    • “I do believe that the market will recognize our valuation and afford us a much more attractive stock price going forward” – David Lesser
  • 14:50 min: Lessor’s 3 year plan for the company

Enjoy all! Leave a comment to let me know what you think of the video, the quality, and things we can do better for future interviews. Thank you very much!

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